Trench is a member of the Time Patrol, sent to the Mt. Ebott to destroy the Fragment.


Trench has messy, black hair, golden eyes, light tan skin and x-shaped scar on his left cheek. He wears light tan leather vest, gloves and boots, black leggings and purple shirt. He carries a sword with him.


Trench does not seem to be caring much about others, saying that only reason he protects Frisk is that letting her die would give him lot Paperwork to fill later.


Abilities & Powers

  • Expert Martial Artist : Trench has mastered several different martial arts, and is expert when it comes fighting close range.
  • Weapon Expert : Trench has told that he is to be able to use almost any weapon, from firearms to blades.
  • Ki : Trench is capable of control Ki instead of magic, and use it in various ways, usually augmenting his physical power, durability and speed, allowing him to move speeds faster than eye can follow. He can also use weak energy blasts and energy blades.
    • Flight : Trench is capable of flying by using Ki, but this ability has little use while Underground.
    • Energy Blade : Even when unarmed, Trench has a habit to form a energy blade while in combat.
    • Energy Slash : Trench swings his sword, releasing a blade of Ki from it that moves long distances.