The Fragment is malevolent being from another dimension, and main villain of Patroltale.


Black stone statue with glowing red cracks on it's body. This make him rather slow, but durable.


While usually Fragments are mindless, absorbing Souls has given this Fragment some decree of self-consciousness, as it is able to plan it's moves before hand. It is still emotionless though, as it has no need for emotions to begin with.


The Fragment appeared in the underground before the Barrier was formed, and was sealed inside Mt. Ebott alongside with the monsters. It was discovered by King Asgore , who decided it to be best to hide the statue from everyone else and place it into a cavern and later close the entrance. Eventually, Statue managed to gather enough power and began to move and broke free, forcing Monsters to flee to the other end of the Underground, to the Snowdin. Since then it has been creating its own servants to extend its reach outside the capital.

So far, The Fragment has consumed six human souls, and is in posession of piece of Chara 's soul, which it used to create shadowy version of her .

Abilities and Powers

  • Eye Beam : The Fragment is capable of firing red energy beams from it's eyes.

  • Energy Burst : Burst of energy released from statue to all directions.

  • Enchanted Durability : Fragments seem to have high resistance to damage, as it takes lot force to even damage them.

  • Minion Creation : Fragment created "The Shadows" to serve him as his minions, allowing him to reach other parts of the Underground without leaving the Capital.

  • Magic Resistance: Fragments posess resistance to magic, and it is harder to damage them with magic than with brute strenght.

  • Enchanted Strength : Fragments are capable to easily break through a stone wall.

  • Negative Energy Harvesting : Statues main purpose is to gather negative energy to empower their creator.

  • Soul Harvesting : Additional ability this fragment alone posesses; It can harvest human and monster souls alike, as well as their Dust to gain LOVE.


There are 3 for Fragment to "Stop excising".

  • Positive Energy : The Fragment cannot handle Positive Energy too well. Frisk's "Determination" seems to be such source of Energy...

  • Recalling : If Gargaion recalls Fragments, every Fragment will dispapear, transfering their Negative Energy to him.

  • Imprisonment : If imprisoned for long perioid of time, The Fragment cannot be recalled, and if destroyed while in such state their energy will slowly drain away.


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