Frisk is one of the Protagonists of the PatrolTale, and human heir of the Ebott. She fell to the Underground while escaping invading soldiers.


Frisk has a light skin, pink eyes and has medium length dark brown hair. While Underground, she wears blue and pink track suit.


Frisk has been shown to be really careful and caring, preferring to show mercy than fight. However, she is more than ready to defend her friends if they are threatened.

While Underground, she seems to be suffering from Nightmares, because of events that made her fall to the Underground.


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Abilities & Powers

Basic Hand-to-Hand Combat : During the Time-Skip, Trench taught Frisk how to fight unarmed.

Staff Combat : Frisk has been shown to excel in fighting by using a staff in combat, making it easier for her to disarm her enemies without harming them.


REWIND : Frisk's DETERMINATION gives her ability to affect somewhat time. However, unlike the original Frisk, her ability does not allow her to Reset timeline, but Rewind time. However, this power shortens her life span : For every minute she rewinds, her life span shortens by a day.

Healing Magic : Frisk learned quickly healing magics, allowing her to help her friends with their injuries.


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  • Sans has counted that Frisk could at maximum rewind time backwards worth of half of year before her life span would run out.