Archer is assassin who used to work under command of Roman Fletcher, and founder of the Acolytes. He is descendant of the Wizard of Perseverance and is capable of wielding Purple Magic.


While being pure human, Archer wore a tuxedo-like jacket with light purple undercoat and light grey shirt. He also had hobbit of wearing sunglasses.

During Battle of Ebott, he gained a scar to his cheek from Chara.

After falling to the CORE, his appearance lost all color, giving him black and white color-scheme.


Archer has been shown to be cold and calculative person. However, he seems to possess some kind of honor, as he prefers to fight someone one on one, and only uses weapons if necessary.

While Originally loyal to Roman, after his body changed he took Roman as one of his fighters, though was revealed he does not trust him these days.

While fighting, Archer has revealed to prefer using his magic with right arm and use left arm to both guard and hit his opponents.


Abilities & Powers

  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Expert Marksman


  • Purple Magic : Archer specializes in Purple Magic and is capable of using it various different ways.
    • Poison : Archer is capable of turning his magic into two different types of Poison.
      • Long-Range : While his Long Range Poison is not as effective as one he uses on closer range, it is still capable of paralyzing people he hits with it, even if for only a moment.
      • Close-Range : By cloaking his fist with his magic, Archer can use it to transfer his magic to his targets body. This poison affects persons Soul, slowly eating away their strength, leaving them in weakened state.
    • Blade : Archer usually fights by forming a blade of magic around his arm. This Blade is razor sharp, and has shown to be able to cut through stone and metal alike with ease. Magic can be used to repel the blade, however.
  • APATHY : While his soul originally was PERSEVERANCE, falling to the Core caused mutation in his Soul, altering it into APATHY Soul - Type of Soul that resists magical effects of others.


  • Colt 1911 : While alive, Archer carried a pistol with him.