Acolytes are group of consisting from Monsters with Human Souls as well as single Human. They are leaded by Archer.


There are total of Eight Acolytes, from which six are monsters with a Human Soul, and two are descendants of Original Wizards descendants. Each Acolyte carries piece of The Fragment with them to gather negative energy.


  • Roman Fletcher : Military Commander and leader of forces who invaded Ebott. Has inherited powers of his ancestor, Wizard of Integrity.
  • Archer : Descendant of Wizard of Perseverance. Originally helped Roman, but after falling to the Core of Underground, became entity similar to Core!Frisk, able to travel between AUs in a instant. However, his body is bit unstable, and he can turn to state where he phases through physical matter. He is one responsible of collecting and finding Acolytes.


  • Valken : Vampire-like monster, originating from variation of HorrorTale. Was given Soul of Kindness. His specialty are shields and recovery. He is always hungry, and Sans has stated him to be most troublesome Acolyte to deal with, due his nearly endless hunger towards the Magic and Souls alike.
  • Malgun : Originally a Ghost, he was given both mechanical body and Soul of Justice. He originates from the Variation of the OuterTale. Can fire destructive blasts of energy, and is said the most agile member of the Acolytes.
  • Deja : Imp-like a monster, who specializes in brute strength, and originates from a variation of the UnderFell. He is also capable of changing his own size, varying from the small imp to bulky demon. Was given Soul of Hate.
  • Melior : Fire Elemental, not related to Grillby. For now it is unknown from which AU he comes from. He has really bad temper, and he is expert of orange and fire magic, possessing Soul of Bravery.
  • Minerva : Minerva is a fairy-like monster. After she was given Soul of Fear, she gained not only more humanoid appearance and grew in size to match that of a human, she also gained ability to produce Scales which she can to bring targets worst fears to live as illusions. She can also use her scales to release bursts of magic.
  • Charis : Charis is a ice elemental. Unlike Melior, she is calm and collected. Was revealed that she comes from a variation of the UnderSwap. She specializes in Blue and Ice Magic. She has Soul of Patience.


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